Squeezy Tweezers™



These easy-to-use plastic tweezers will encourage fine motor skills while preparing young hands and brains for writing!

  • Tweezers action is similar to that of a clothes peg
  • Use of the "Squeezy Tweezers" strengthens a child's pincer grasp which enables them to pick up small objects between their thumb and index finger – an essential pre-writing skill
  • Colourful tools will develop hand-eye coordination which prepares the muscles and brain for writing. The brain coordinates movement and tactile sensations as a child is writing, which allows them to make changes as needed to maintain muscle control
  • Unique tweezers have scoops on the end to allow for collection of small objects – once collected the object cannot be released until squeezed again which avoids frustration for young children still gaining control of their grasp
  • Tweezers measure 12cm L
  • Set includes six tweezers in six different colours
  • Tweezers come in a re-sealable storage bucket
  • Features multilingual packaging

Colin's Ideas:

Happy strong hands with this toy, I like playing with these to move things from one place to another to pick up small items hidden in the sand pit or water tray.