Sand & Water Fine Motor Tool Set


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Encourage early learners to develop their fine motors skills through fun water play with this four-piece activity set.

  • Keep children entertained as they use these handy tools to move water and sand
  • Ideal activity set for sand and water tables, bath time and the beach
  • Each tool focuses on strengthening core muscles in the hands and arm
  • Ideal as a solo or group activity
  • Set includes one of each of the following plastic learning tools:
    • Squeezy bottle (9cm)
    • Spinner (15cm)
    • Wavy dropper (15cm)
    • Scooper (15cm)

Colin's Ideas:

Playing with these toys is a much more fun way to keep my hands strong and work on my grip for handwriting, it is also fun to mix food colouring in the water and mix them together. I play with these in the bath lots.