Inset puzzles and more to strengthen hands, enhance visual perceptual skills, independent play skills as well as an opportunity to spark conversation and of course for fun.
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Wild Animal Puzzle and Play
Construction Chunky Puzzle - 6 Pieces
Vehicles Sound Puzzle - 8 Pieces
Stack & Sort Board
Puzzle City
Puzzle City
I Learn the Alphabet Puzzle
Colour and Shape Sorter
Zoo Animals Sound Puzzle - 8 Pieces
Musical Instruments Sound Puzzle - 8 Pieces
Jobs Roundabout Puzzle
Farm Animals Sound Puzzle - 8 Pieces
Chunky Alphabet Puzzle
Vehicles Chunky Puzzle - 9 Pieces
Sweet Cocoon Alphabet Puzzle
Puzzle Snow Party
Observation Puzzle The Farm
Sold Out
Jumbo Numbers Chunky Puzzle
Farm Chunky Puzzle - 8 Pieces
Farm Animal Puzzle & Play
Dinosaurs Chunky Puzzle - 7 Pieces